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Selection bug?


Good morning. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue in SE?


Sometimes, often when working for a long period of time, both on simple parts and large assemblies, when I'm trying to create a feature based on sketch lines and I go to select those lines, it selects them but doesn't highlight them green. I can see the objects as I hover or select them in the status below, but it makes it impossible to select the correct lines for cuts, extrudes, revolves etc. Is this a memory issue? If I reboot it resolves it, sometimes if I only restart SE.


SE ST9 on a Surface Pro 4, 16gb ram 




Re: Selection bug?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



this is common problem with SE.

The best solution so far for me is to restart SE / or OS.


Sometimes I am restarting my computer preventally a few times a day.




Re: Selection bug?

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

The Cause is memory leaks in the vid card. Somewhere between Nvidia, windows and SE there is a huge leak. All will point fingers at the other but I think the cause is between SE and Nvidia.


To reduce the time needed between reboots, get more vid ram or lower the details textures and whatever else you can do to take the load off the vid card.


Once the vid card has "rut out of gas" you will have problems seeing what is needed to be selected or can't select what do you do see.