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Send drawing to Plotter problem

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PLM World Member Legend

Seam like the last few monthes we've been haveing problem sending a file to the plotter. we choose print/Plotter then Ok. it doesnt send it to queue. We have a HP Designjet 500 42 by HP. We'll have turn the plotter off then back on. sometimes this works. Our IT can't figure it out. This only happens through solid edge. Has anyone else see this problem?


Re: Send drawing to Plotter problem

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I have not seen one of the original overgrown desk jets for years.


The only help I may be is that the Original HP desk jets were design to work with AutoCAD pen plotting controls with the printing language HPGL2. Very likely you are not sending the correct HPGL2 format to the printer. The other option back then was Post Script (origional) or post script 2. Even the post scrip capacity was an extra cost back then. I would assume that you will need a driver that works with SE that downgrades the output to a very old format (1993....1995). It is posible the printer can recognize PL5 (err PL3?), but I know it will not work with today's common PL6 format.