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Setting up custom parts lists

I am trying to set up a simple but customized parts list for use by multiple designers in my department and I've encountered an issue where the table I've developed seems to only be available for me (local settings) and not other users who use the same .dft template for creating 2D drafts.  Perhaps (likely) my methodology for "saving" this custom table is in error. 


First I began by creating a parts list the way I want it to look (header, column names, column and row data, etc.) and saved a new parts list under the "General" tab in the Parts List Properties (in this case, "SHOP 17").  When I did this, the "SHOP 17" parts list became available for me as an option in any .dft file that I open.  Then I opened our shared template .dft file (stored on a common server) and created the same table and saved it.  My impression is that the "SHOP 17" parts list would become available to all users of the template, but the "SHOP 17" parts list is not listed as an option for other users.  How can I make this parts table available to all users of the same .dft template?


It is relevant that although I consider myself an experienced SE user, I am NOT familiar with manipulating the prop seed file or similar "techie" things so speak slowly if that's what is needed. Smiley Wink


Thanks in advance!


Re: Setting up custom parts lists

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

@sheetmetalman  The Parts List settings are stored in a file called "DraftList.txt" located in the "C:\Program Files\Siemens\Solid Edge 2019\Template\Reports" folder.  You can either copy that file from your PC to all your coworkers or you could have everyone redirect the location of the Reports folder in the File Locations section of the SE Options to a network share and place the contents of the report folder there including your modified "DraftList.txt" file.  Be aware that if you redirect their Reports folder to the network location, any saved settings for a multitude of things will be saved there by all users if they have access, and if they don't they will not be able to save customizations at all.

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Re: Setting up custom parts lists

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @sheetmetalman,


Further to what @KennyG has said, which is the right way to do it.....another way to achieve the same goal, is if your individual users open the draft file with a BOM set-out as you want, they can go to the "Parts List Properties", and on the "General" tab, [it should show the title used] and click save.


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Re: Setting up custom parts lists

@SeanCresswell.  Thanks for the response.  I had another user try and do what you've suggested, and we were able to get there, but when he opened up the General tab the name of our BOM was not in the drop-down menu.  He had to essentially create a new BOM by giving it a name and saving.  Same result, but I'm curious why the custom name I had given the table does not carry over into the template.

Re: Setting up custom parts lists

@KennyG Thanks for the info.  I think in the interim we are going to go with the work-around suggested by @SeanCresswell while I evaluate whether our department can handle a less customizable template.  Egos being what they are, I have my doubts.