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   I would like to know if it is possible to set up my sheet metal templates to automatically adjust the bend radius to the material type and thickness that I choose.  I have seen some talk on other forums but nothing explaining exactly how this is accomplished.  I have a gage table spreadsheet which is linked to the "Solid Edge Options>File Locations", however it is not pointing to anything in the spreadsheet.  I don't understand how this is supposed to work.  Can anyone help me out?




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Let's say you know what your bend radius is for each thickness of steel.

Let's also assume you want K=0.33 until you pass up 165 Deg bends (like a 180 hem) and then you want K = 0.29


If this is the case, I created the attached Sheet metal bend table.

Notes: We use R=0.25 for 10 Gage and R-0.11 for 12 and 14 Gage.


Note: I had to change the file extension to allow upload. The file is really an XLS format not XLSX.


One that file is edited as desired. Your right, nothing points to anything specific in the file. The program knows how to identify each section with the X00 numbers (100,500, etc...)


The next step is to open a sheet metal file, then open material and the gage tab under materials. Once you select the check box that states "use bend table" and you check "use default bend R" then the spreadsheet is tied into that file.


If you change the "gage" in the material table, then the thickness and bend radius for that selction will be used and all items will automatically update.




Re: Setting up sheet metal template

Thanks for the reply.  I cannot open the xlsl file you sent though.  Do you think you can resend the file as an xls?



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I can't upload, this blog does not accept *.xls files.

Download that file, and rename the extension to xls.

The file is actually in XLS format but was renamed to allow upload.