Setup a Solid Edge Insight



I have a problem here with Insight.


Right now I would like to test Solid Edge insight in my PC to study how it's work.


I already create a Webpage for my insight in another PC complete with Window Server 2012 R2, SQL server2014, Sharepoints and Insight server. 


I have created a site from web and now I want to add the link for this site from another PC but it's unable. Any idea?


I attach here the error when I want to add the link from user PC.


Re: Setup a Solid Edge Insight


I would recommend you to study the Insight Implementation Guide (attached).


From you picture you are trying to map complete web page adresses. You should only map your Document Library web page adress (see attached picture). See chapter 6 or 7 from Insight Guide.



Re: Setup a Solid Edge Insight

Hi do you have step by step image on how to setup?
Implementation guide is hard to understand.

Re: Setup a Solid Edge Insight

I can only recommend to ask for support from someone with experience in setting up this solution.


Insight has a lot of power but you can misconfigure it very easy and then it is useless. For someone with experience it will take just a day to get the system up and running and doing some customization.


When the system is up and running then there are some questions you have to ask:


How to import all the existing data? There are some important things you have to be aware.

Is the Lifecycle correctly configured?

What about workflows? My personal favorite! Because with the tools OOTB from Sharepoint a lot of workflows can be created to make the engineering life easier eg. PDF creation, sending out status messages depending on the stage of the design process, etc. This is where the power is in my opinion.


It is worth to to think about it.