Several configured assemblies

First, sorry for my english that is not verry good,


I created an assembly set to be able to choose the length and width of my assembly.
For now, the configuration is done with the table of variables and relationships between variables of different parts.


Change the lengths works , but I would find a way keeping my configuration, by variables or not, it can be insert several times, into a larger assembly but with different lengths. Now, I can't have only the same version with the same lenths.

Can you help me ?


Re: Several configured assemblies

Re: Several configured assemblies

Thank you for your reply,

I tried this method, and when I creating the FOA, the members change well, but when I insert them into a larger assembly , the different members keep the values of the last member.

It is because relationships between assembly variables and parts variables. The relationship is done thanks to the file path of the first assembly, the parts variables keep the same values


To use the FOA , I would have not used my relationships between different variables , but I do not see how create my configuration assembly without this relations.

Re: Several configured assemblies

You probably need to turn that parts in "adjustable parts", so they can keep the different variables by the assembly that use them.

Re: Several configured assemblies

I had already watched the ' 'adjustable parts' ' but I have not succeed to change the part by change my length value ..


For the FOA , I find how make a extrusion to face of an assembly's part, so i can make my assembly without the table of variables, but when creating the family of assemblies, SE told me ''all links inter-part are removed when the file will be update to an alternate assembly'' so the links used for the extrusions are deleted and I cant changes my values anymore ..