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Sharing variables


SE2D version
The problem: A set of named values defined as variables and referenced in multiple
unrelated drawings.
There doesn't appear to be a way to paste in a set of variables, or import them
from a text file or spreadsheet. I don't mean creating each individual variable,
and making its formula a link to a spreadsheet -- I'm talking about bringing in
names and values from a CSV file like this:
Or something similar. This doesn't appear to be a functionality present in SE2D.
Is it available in 3D?
Failing that, is there a way of creating a block in such a way that placing it later
in another document will merge in the block's variable table?
As a last resort I could put them into a template file, but that seems a bit over-killish..

Re: Sharing variables


I take from the silence that importing/exporting lists of variables isn't functionality
available in SE2D.
Is it any better in 3D? Or do all variables still need to be manually entered?