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Sheet Metal

Is there a tutorial for making sheet metal parts with Free2D?

I'm putting together a customized light weight rack-mount for video recording gear using laser cut & bent sheet aluminum side plates to hold the equipment stack together. My plan is to mount two recorders (DVD & audio cassette) and an audio mixer (Shure M367) under a 15" x 24" table top.

Will Free2D get me into trouble with bends? Do I need 3D and if so is there a Free3D?


Re: Sheet Metal

There is no specific tutorial for sheet metal.
I assume you want to draw the flattend representation of the sheet metal
Typically the bend tangent lines are placed in the drawing using the tangent
line style.
Solid Edge is very good at creating 3D Sheet Metal models and then producing
drawings from the model
No there is not a Free3D.
Rick B.