Sheet metal Coved Corners



I am trying to figure out how to make coved corners in the sheet metal environment so that the final design can be unfolded into a flat.  I can model the end product as a solid with no problem but when trying to convert it into a sheet metal part I am not getting the results I want.


The image below is pretty much what I want but it was done as a solid part and I cannot get it to unfold properly.  We do actually make the parts this way.  The sides are turned up on the break and then the vertical corners are hammered into position.  Then the seams are welded.


This image shows what I was able to come up with in the Sheet metal environment, I was able to easily add the 3/8" circular cutout on the corners but all attempts I made to round the verticle corners failed or gave me results that weren't what I was looking for.


This model was made by me predecessor but shows the same issue I had: if i get the rounded verticle corners then the corner tips are removed. 


Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.


Thank you.


Re: Sheet metal Coved Corners

At a previous job we made sinks exactly like you are describing. They came out fairly well and we even purchased a bending punch to run on the CNC to bend the corner coves. See the attached file for the process. The file is from ST4..


Hope this helps...

Re: Sheet metal Coved Corners

Ah, I see how you did that.  I think I can make that work for what I want.


Thank you for the reply and advice.

Re: Sheet metal Coved Corners