Sheet metal ER

I had a long list of sheet metal ER's and it really boiled down to a few issues. I'm wondering if there is support for the following proposed ERs to sheet metal design.


#1. All sheet metal cuts should have the option of being from the neutral plane (K plane) and normal to that surface.


#2. There should be a slot version of 3 way corners where the center circular cutout is the end of the slot. This would be made more useful of the "center hole" could be moved away from the typical circlular corner punch location to further down the slot towards the open bend of a 3 way corner. The slot width should be a seporate control from the hole size but the same by default. This would account for the typical problem of spring back for 3 way corners.


#3. the side angle of flanges should have a depth setting rather than only start at the fold line. The depth could be more or less than the flange size. This would also could be adjusted like #1.




Re: Sheet metal ER

I would like to add arcs & curves to synchronous sheet metal without having to go to ordered mode. Also on slots it would be nice to pick either the center of the end arcs or the overall outside length of a slot. Some people use center to center on slots and some use overall distance for slots saves doing the math.

Re: Sheet metal ER

I'm only using ordered because there is no way to control sheet size directly in sync. But that may change if I have a chance to learn sync and find the cost of that shortcoming is less than the advantages of Sync.


The main purpose of the requests above is crisp results of the finished outline for punched sheet metal parts and simpler drafting of part outlines.