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Sheet metal cone (with flange)


First of all, I'm sorry for my bad english. I hope you'll be patients.
I'm starting to use SolidEdge (ST6) after many years experience in Solidworks.
Can I create a sheet metal cone with a flange on Solidedge? Now, I try to create it by "Lofted flange": for first, I drew 2 open circles in two parallel plane, so I create the cone without problems.
Now, I would like to create a flange on the cone upper edge (with holes for screws), but always using the command "Lofted flange" when I have to define the direction of the thickness, appears to me an error message definition.
In solidworks by the command "Swept Flange" I drew two sketches: a path of sweep (a open circle) and a path of profile (a diagonal line joined to a horizontal). Thanks to these two sketches I get a conical sheet metal flattened, (with flange on the upper edge)

Anyone can help me?
Thanks in advance


Re: Sheet metal cone (with flange)



first of all english is also not my mother tongue...


You will find Templates which are fully parameterized


In the Solid Edge Installation Folder e.g. "C:\Siemens\SE\st9\Training\Sheet Metal\"


I think this file will help you out "SE_Transition_RR.psm"


Hope i was able to help you


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Re: Sheet metal cone (with flange)

As with most things you model in SE you need to think about how you would construct this in the real world.


Are you going to use mold tools?

Or are you going to weld these sheets together?


Both these methods are possible to model in SE but in order to answer your question most accurately we need to know.



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Re: Sheet metal cone (with flange)

In general, you should be able to make the part just like you did in Solid Works. The commands to revolves are there. However, The standard sheet metal flatten may not work. You may have to flatten using the "thin part" commands rather than traditional sheet metal that assumes typical bends.

Re: Sheet metal cone (with flange)

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You can use "Lofted flange" tool for this but remember: first and second sketch should have a little brake (can not be a full circle).

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Re: Sheet metal cone (with flange)

Thanks for your reply
Never talked about welding. Please, read carefully my post, see the image attached. I'd like to create with less steps possible, a sheet metal cone with a flange liike the image attacched of Solidworks.

Re: Sheet metal cone (with flange)

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Please, read carefully my post. I know how to create a sheet metal cone by "Lofted flange". Can you explain me how to create a flange on the upper edge?

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I created a soultion for you, hope it helps you. The magic is the cutout, of the upper edge.


But in the real world this would be an weld assembly of two parts. So u can not flatten this with the "normal" flatten command you have to use the new one which came with Solid Edge.

Re: Sheet metal cone (with flange)

To clarify what I would get (and that in "Solidworks" can get it with 2 sketches in less than 1 minute) see the attached image.
Thanks to you in advance

Re: Sheet metal cone (with flange)

Please, read carefully my first post...I'm working on ST6.