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Sheet metal part Tools Variables Problem

I have created a sheet metal part using ordered features, I have then mirrored the part, renamed it, and broken the link. In the Tools > Variables table my company uses some of the variables to calculate the blank mass of the part to appear on a drawing for manufacturing. However I'm finding that with aprts with Part Copy features after being mirrored, I am getting an error when trying to expose one of the variables. I am getting "Name Collision with Custom Property - This name exists as a Custom Property or as another Exposed Name in this Variable Table." and suggested to take one of the following actions:


- Edit the Variable Name

-Add or edit the Exposed Name

-Delete the custom property


But the name doesn't already exist or at least doesn't appear in the table, and I don't want to edit any names or properties incase they don't get brought through to the draft.


Has anyone experienced this before? 


Re: Sheet metal part Tools Variables Problem

I've found the problem for those who may also experience it. Under the part File Properties, over at the Custom tab, the named variable was listed under there. I deleted this and this allowed me to expose the variable in the table and pull through to the draft.