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Sheet metal table

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I have been attempting to answer anothers questions about the Gage table, and found that I need to ask a few questions about it for my self..


1. Is there any documentation or do any know what units the bend radius headings are within the gage table? I have avoided the issues by making all columns the same.

2. Is there any advantage to keeping seporate materials on different tabs?

3. Can the Tab name be used in BOM's? The reason I ask is I would rather Display the Tab name than the gineric material name to save space. I want to Display CS instead of Steel, SS instead of Stainless, and AL instead of aluminum within the BOM. I was hoping to get this done using the gage table.


I found my files where I origionally created the tables I'm using.

At that time, I believed the bend radius table heading are in the units of Radius/Thickness, or unitless.