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Show Direction on Elements


Hi, I am new to Solid Edge, but I am fairly familiar with 2D Modeling in MasterCam/EdgeCam.

I might have missed it somewhere in a tutorial, (so i hope this isn't a silly question!) but I basically want to know how to snap to parts together. Example, in the attachment, Snap faces S1 and S2 together, lining up either midpoint C's or Endponts A to A or B to B. In MasterCam, this is known as 'Translating Elements'.



Re: Show Direction on Elements

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


What you're looking for are assembly relationships.

See this video I slapped together...

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Ltd
Solid Edge 2019 [MP8] Classic [x3 Seats - Cloud Enabled]
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Re: Show Direction on Elements

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To snap the blocks together in Solid Edge, first start a new assembly from the Startup screen and drag the parts from the library which looks likea mini Windows Explorer.

Once the blocks are in the assembly, fromthe Ribbon bar, Home tab's Relate group, select the Mate 1.png and pick the two faces S1 and S2 so they snap together though they may not align as desired initially.

Next, pick Connect 2.png and pick the two endpoints A and A on the blocks.

Finally, you may still want to align the vertical faces, so pick Planar Align 3.png to align the vertical faces.

After you are through this process once, you can use Capture Fit 4.png which learns the relations you applied so far, so next time you plac ethe block again, it does the placement in a jiffy like Translate Elements in MasterCAD.



Hope that was useful.


Tushar Suradkar

Re: Show Direction on Elements


Hey Sean,

Thanks for your video. So its not possible to line up objects when creating parts in a parts file, you have to be in Assembly? From what i can tell you have to import saved parts from your parts library in an assembly environment? Was wondering if you could use the steering wheel in parts page to line up one parts centre points/midpoints with another parts centre points/midpoints? -- I was looking at the micrometer in the tutorial, and i was trying to continue creating the Anvil, im a bit stuck because i cant line up the cylinder of the Anvil with the centre of the Thimble Bore. My thinking was to create an 8mm cylinder in 3D space and attach it to the 'Anvil end' of the micrometer. Am i completely wrong here?! I cant project an 8mm cyinder from the origin because it wont go through the thimble bore! hope this makes sense!!


Re: Show Direction on Elements

Thanks Tushar, very useful + makes sense! I'm trying to continue with the micrometer in the SE tutorial and trying to work out how to go about that!