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Showing Surfaces in Drawing Views

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I’m sure most of you will know how to do this either this way or more likely a slightly more long winded way. I created this for my company and thought others might like to 'borrow' it. 


To show constructions and surfaces in a drawing views that have these items missing; such as pumps and imported items from other CAD software such as engines and motors, please follow the steps below.


On ST8.



Put down just 1 view (not ISO/DI)  of the item; as any principal views you create will inherit the changes in the dispaly properties.


Click Right mouse button, click [Properties]


Select the [Display] Tab


Click the [Parts List Options] button above the parts list (4th button along of 5)


Select [List Constructions] (Ensure all levels on parts list are selected).


Now Right click on the top level part and click [Select all Occurrences]


Notice the show tick in the ‘Selected Parts Display’ section has now turned to a blue square showing some items are not shown, change this back to a Tick


If running off a configuration you will need to deselect the ‘Match’ tick box at the bottom


Click Apply then Ok; then update your view, all Surfaces are now showing.


Any principal views taken off this view will now show the surfaces.



NB; to remove surfaces from a view you need to un-show all parts, you get an error, then de-select List Constructions, highlight top level, then show parts and you are back to showing solid bodies only.



Consultant - Design Majenta PLM - ST10/MP03