Simplifying Assemblies- removing sub assemblies

I am running ST8, I have an assembly that is made of multiple sub assemblies that I want to make into an assembly of components.  I want to basically keep all the components of the sub assemblies in place and just no longer have them lock in the sub assembly so if items are removed  from the main assembly it does not effect the former sub assembly.  


This is needed when I convert the large assembly into a STP file to send to a customer.  The file is way too big when the assembly is left whole so I remove the inner components to leave the visible outer parts.


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You will want to dig into the Transfer command (Assembly/modify)

I don't do much exporting. Is suppress sufficient to prevent export?

The Pack and Go commands are also worth a look.   Never mind that's ST9


When It comes to file sizes of exports, it's the complex imported parts that take up the space. Re-modeling a few complex often used pieces to a simpler model really helps the export size.


I had a single imported pump that was costing me 5 megs per copy. After some re-modeling w/ sufficient detail, it now takes up 0.5 megs each copy. Huge swing when the goal is to email the files.

Re: Simplifying Assemblies- removing sub assemblies

@RickS_  Is there a question?

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Re: Simplifying Assemblies- removing sub assemblies

Thank you.  Although the Transfer was not what I was wanting the Disperse command did what I needed.  Just needed to know where to look.



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No worries. That is often my problem too. I can navigate the room, but where the hell is the door to get into the room is the common problem.

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When you do the convert you can opt to convert visible parts only (in the Options settings)

Just hide the parts you don't want to convert.

To make future conversions easier it might be an idea to create simplified sub-assemblies, or create view configurations in the sub-assembly model with internal parts hidden. Call it "External Only" or something easlily identifiable.

Then in your main assembly select the sub-assembly and click the configurations drop-down. You should see your sub-assembly config listed there. Select it and the config will be applied to that sub-assembly.

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