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Simulation Express Exaggerating Deformation


Hoping someone out there understands Simulation Express better than me!


I simply want to check basic sheet metal parts for deformation relative to a certain level of pressure drop across (differential) a panel. The test below is done with .18 GA steel with the material table shown and a 0.0721824 PSI (2" wc) pressure applied. Very low force per unit of area. The simulation runs and shows massive deformation. For fun, i tried setting the load to force and applied 1 lb. The same result. What am I dong wrong?


1.PNGMaterial Table - Material2.PNGMaterial Table - Gage3.PNGMesh Settings4.PNGSelecting my Mid Plane5.PNGSelecting my Material for the Simulation (didn't change anything here...18 GA)6.PNGApplied small force7.PNGLarge unrealistic deformation


Re: Simulation Express Exaggerating Deformation

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Siemens Phenom


could it be this simple?

You can either choose to display the Stress, Displacement or Factor of Safety.


When Stress is shown you can choose to display the undeformed part or the deformed part (exaggerated X no of times, just to highlight the deformation).


In Simulation Express you can't control the deformation, in full SE Simulation you can (percentage, no of mm's or actual).


Good luck!


/U2017-12-07 15_57_01-Solid Edge ST10 - Synchronous Part - [Part1].jpg2017-12-07 16_07_06-Solid Edge ST10 - Synchronous Part - [Part1].jpg

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Betreff: Simulation Express Exaggerating Deformation

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

HI @SCMustang





You always should have an eye onto the right side of Your screen, looking for the maximum and minimum value shown by the colors.


The deformation on screen normally is overdrwan to see something even with very small deformations


As mentioned, depending on Your license, You can define what really should be shown.




Re: Simulation Express Exaggerating Deformation

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Community Manager

I am not an FEA expert, but I would also add the following --> You can't really do thin sheets with solid elements. You need to use plate elements. Solid elements do not model bending well. At a mininum you need 4 elements through the thickness, which means a ZILLION elements. Really you need to use a midsurface and PLATE elements for this.



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Re: Simulation Express Exaggerating Deformation

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Solution Partner Genius


If you have worked before with simulation express, you know it shows the deformation a bit (a bit too much sometimes) which really isn't the case in actual working environment.

Full Simulation add-on allows us to input the % of deformation we want to see but Simulation Express, on the other hand, doesn't. We can just show or hide the deformation in Sim. Exp.

 1.JPGSimulation - without deformation


2.JPGSimulation - with 5% deformation


3.JPGSimulation Express - without deformation


4.JPGSimulation Express - with deformation (can't specify the % here)


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