Simulation Fail

Hello Everyone,


I need advises for error been occured while solving the analysis.


I have tried with solid and shell analysis. i have no idea which constraint caused the error.



I also have attached the detail of Part and assembly for anyone to have a check.

Very much appreciate for any feedback on it.


Thanks & Rgrds


Re: Simulation Fail

I can't open your model (presume it's ST8, I'm on 7), but it's probably a problem with your connectors.


To find where the problem is, you could start with one part and solve coarsly, then add another with connector and so on until it fails.


That being said, if possible I would get rid of some or all of the connectors completly by creating a part where the faces are stiched together or the bodies are merged.

Re: Simulation Fail



In this case you cannot use Edge to Edge contact with Glued option. You should use EtoE with Rigid option and it will work well! Smiley Wink Or use Unite Bodies, but to this you need to use Surface modeling...


Here is a video about steps: