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Simulation frequency




I'm trying to find out if solid edge is capable of telling me the torsional natural frequencies of a solid circular shaft. Its fixed at one end (to a motor in real life) and free at the other end. It's positioned vertically. Is there a way to find out the frequencies of this model using Solid Edge Simulation?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Simulation frequency

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There is. When you create a new study you are presented with a 'Create Study' options box.  Choose 'Normal modes' and make sure the "Options>>" button is pressed. 

Make sure you type in or choose enough modes (10?) in the "Number of modes" box.

After constraining the end face, mesh it and solve.  Because the different modes of vibration are prdered from lowest frequency up you may need to step through the different mode results until you find the first torsional mode (I'm guessing about mode 5).


Hope that helps,



Edinburgh University