Simulation with large displacement (ST 7)

Hello everybody,

i´m trying to simulate the deformation of a shaftlike elastomere object.

The problem is, if I put a big force on the object, which compresses it, then the whole object becomes a flat disc with a little bit bigger diameter than the original object, which means, that there is no conservation of mass or volume.

Is this a right conclusion and how can i fix this problem ?



Re: Simulation with large displacement (ST 7)



Don't use Solid Edge Simulation for this, because what you want is a typical non-linear issue. You should using Femap w NX Nastran, because it supports elastomers...




Re: Simulation with large displacement (ST 7)

I tried Femap already, but it is much more complicated and complex ...

most of the time i am getting error messages which are just incomprehensible.

The change from Solid Edge to Femap is like learning a new programming language.