Sketch color relations

I recently updated from ST7MP3 to MP6.


Did the rules on sketch colors change? I have sketches thare are compleatly nailed down but are appearing cyan instead of black. I.E the fact that the scetch is active part is in control rather than sketch being fully defined. Now I can't tell if the sketch is fully defined.


This apears to only apply to sheet metal flanges (Assembly dirven sheet metal parts). But this is about 40% of my sketch editing.


Have others had this issue?


Re: Sketch color relations

Make sure the "Relationship Colors" is on.

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Your right. The update, changed the state of that toggle for that context. Problem solved.

 No previous update changed that issue.


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when you edit that sketch. does it change back to fully defined? the right color? Not sure when this started but, i'll have a set of holes. i'll edit them and color is blue, undefined, soon as i change a dimension. there back to the correct color

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I have run into the colors changing between modes as well. But typically It goes from Black to brown. Some how a fully defined sketch becomes over defined in the assembly.

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Hopefully SE updates the 3D sketch to use sketch colors as well.

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Occasionally when working in a n assembly and create a new .psm the sketch colors are wrong. I go into the application button/options and the correct colors i want are shown but not on screen. I just reselect the color i want and its good. I've yet to really pay attention to what causes this or when.