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Re: Sketches showing up

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello guys


Speaking about centerlines ....


Anyone knows if there's a plan to put the 'show centerlines' option inside the View properties dialog box, as the online help does mention ?


I thought it was just a possible 'label mistake' inside that dialog, but none of the check boxes control the tube centerline visibility (and it is correct behaviour, in the end, so no mistake there). Btw, the "Show tube centerlines" option under Solid Edge Options -> Annotation also didn't work for me.


The only way i found practical after the view creation was same as descripted above by12Cage


[ Showing up the Centerlines inside the Parts list in the Display Tab and them uncheck their 'Show' checkbox (and checking it just when I needed) ]


* I have ST7 and already installed the MP1


Any help / comment would be appreciable.




Hilario, Flavio
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ST10 / Win10