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Slot - multiple copy in context

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I've two parts. ( P1)  where is a lot  of holes. All holes are placed irregulary.

P2 - in this part I want to place slots.

Both parts are placed in one assembly ( parts are connected with face)

I want to place slots in P2. But middle of slot must be connected with middle of hole of P1.

I made it it in context. But I've problem because I can not to place multiple slots in one operation.

For "slot" tool it's possible to draw only one skech. I want to be placed onoe slot on each hole.

So - If I can't place multiple sketch in one operation of slot I have to copy each operation of slot for all holes

How to do this  faster?









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‎07-29-2016 03:35 AM

Re: Slot - multiple copy in context

SUCHY wrote:

How to do this  faster?

Copy-Pasting the Slot feature to the Feature Library is one way I can think to make it faster.

Right-click on the Slot feature in the graphics or the PathFinder and Paste in an empty space in the Feature Library. Then drag back the slot library feature into the part.

Re: Slot - multiple copy in context


one way would be the table pattern of ST8


You have one exel table with the origin positions of holes and slots and You can use it for both parts

So both pattern always will keep equal



Re: Slot - multiple copy in context



@hawcad's & @Tushar's solutions are good. It depends on many things (number of holes, modeling environment, modeling method, SE version...)


Here is a video about some solutions (synchronous copy, duplicate, pattern...)