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Slow saves and adding parts to an assembly

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

DefaultSlow saves and adding parts to an assembly

We just migrated our SharePoint 2007 server to SharePoint 2010 to support our upgrade to ST6 in a week. We are still running ST4. While opening of file structures seem acceptable enough, just simply adding a part to an assembly from the Parts Library tab results in about 30 seconds of "Generating list of linked documents". Weird thing is that it has no links... Also, Saves of files is also slow.

We do not have the "Automatically detect settings" turned on in IE... I'm smarter than that. The only things that is different in our new config from the prior server is:
  • Front End
    • OS was 2008 R2, now 2012 (SPS2010, SP2 supports it)
  • Back End
    • SQL was 2005, now 2012
    • OS was 2003, now 2012
    • Server was DL380 4core and 8GB RAM with raided DB drive and separate OS drive, now Hyper-V server with 6 v-cores and 12GB dynamic RAM with SAN v-LUN drives.

If I had to suspect something, I might suspect that we list some disk I/O and may need to set up some "pass through" disks.

Other things: Did database attach upgrade to a different server name than production server. Renamed the production front end server and then did a sharepoint rename on the new 2010 server to match the production server, then renamed the new server machine as well. Everything is pointing to the production name as it would be expected.

Production: SE 2019 MP8, Testing: SE 2020