Smart Dimension Improvements

When using Smart Dimension:


Why can't I select the edge of a reference plane until I have already selected some other geometry?


Why can't I select a vertex of a sketch element until I have already selected some other geometry?


The combination of these two issues means I can't use Smart Dimension to place a dimension between a reference plane and a vertex.


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I suggest using coordinate system's axis instead of ref. plane... It should work.




Re: Smart Dimension Improvements

Thanks for the tip. I prefer they just fix what I consider to be a broken workflow. To add a coordinate system is once again more unnecessary steps, and plus, coordinate systems can be moved by the dimension if you don't have live rules set right.

Re: Smart Dimension Improvements

In general, if dimsioning between an edge and a hole, pick the hole first.


When working with a tangent edge, the smart DIM does not work, and you have to go from point to point.


When working with liniar dims that are not veritcal or horizontal, then you have to pick the exact point (not just the object) to make things turn out right. Shift, and Alt keys are your friend when manupulating dims.


One thing that took me a long time to get right is moving the text from right to left of the dim. to make it switch, you have to start moving the dim, then while moving hit the shift button. After it's in the general shape you want, then you can get it into position where it's needed.

Re: Smart Dimension Improvements

i feel your pain for 16 years..Smiley Happy We use our plane base as feed height of our tools when designing. At times i need to measure to the planes and cant. I have to turn on the coordinate system. But this always doesn't work in other situations. With offending anyone, you'll have to live with it and find different way's around it.