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Smart Dimension issues

I have just downloaded SolidEdge 2D Drafting ST4 (free version) and installed. Everything seems to be working fine. I am actually testing this system with a view to recommending to a customer looking for a simple sketching platform with 2D constraints.

One of the areas I am testing is driving a sketch using dimensions. I should say that we use SolidWorks primarily so we are very experienced in setting up parametric constraints in sketches.

I am trying to use the Smart dimension tool to create a driving dimension of an arc length (note arc length - the distance along the arc curve from end to end). In the help system it says you use the Smart Dimension tool, then select the linear option then apply the dimension.

On my system when I select the Smart Dimension tool all the dimension options (linear/angular/radiau/diameter etc) are greyed out. I cannot find anything in the help about this.

Is this a limitation of the free version or is there some setting somewhere I need to toggle to access this?

I have uploaded a video showing the issue here:

Any help gratefully received!

( I am on Windows 7, 64 bit)

Re: Smart Dimension issues

Anyone? I'm going to download the 32 bit version (to a 32 bit machine) to see if that is the issue.

Re: Smart Dimension issues

I have worked it out.

Re: Smart Dimension issues

Siemens Master Siemens Master
Siemens Master
Hey Kevin! Fancy meeting you here. I see you all the time on Matt's blog. WELCOME! I see you figured it out before I had a chance to reply. Super. I might also note a couple things though:
1. I noticed you were drawing on the sheet. That is fine - nothing wrong with that, but depending on their needs you may want do draw in Model Space (like AutoCAD) where you can draw full scale and then later create drawing views from it like you do from 3D models in SolidWorks.
2. Don't forget to check out "Goal Seek". Here you can set a goal for something -- like area -- and then say which dimension to vary and we will iterate to meet the goal by varying the dimension.
3. Since it is new territory, be sure to use the "Command Finder" in the lower right of the application. It includes not only Solid Edge commands but SolidWorks (ProE etc) so if you key in something you are familiar with you should find the SE equivalent (and if you do not, I'd appreciate knowing what you tried and did not find -- as a SolidWorks user I am sure you can give us some tips). Just email me at PS> You can try it right now keying in "Goal Seek".