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Smart dimension diameter style

I am working in an existing .dft file in which all the "smart dimension" diameters were styled with the dimension lines crossing inside the circles (diameter line with two arrowheads), and that line projecting outside the circle to the dimension text itself. How can I retrospectively change those to the style in which there is a horizontal dimension text leading via a broken line to a single arrowhead at the outside of the circle? I can't find any obvious controls within "Properties."

John Hilgenberg

Re: Smart dimension diameter style

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Once a dimension has been placed, I do not see any way to move the text outside of the circle AND get rid of the diameter line. On placement, however, if you place the text outside the circle, you will get the desired dimension. First click to select the circle and second click to place the text outside the circle. Hope this helps.