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Solid Edge 2D and Access.

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I've come to the conclusion that I'm using Excel more as a Database than a spreadsheet,
and thoguht it might be better to use Access as a link to SolidEdge.
Has anyone linked Access to Solid Edge, or do you have to export records as CSVs
or similar to get them into a SolidEdge Document?
I'm new to Access, so don't really know what is possible, but I'm pretty sure my
macros will transfer nicely into Access from Excel.
I'll keep you all posted on this, but would love to know if anyones done similar

Re: Solid Edge 2D and Access.

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(posted reply in another position, but couldn't remember if i'd asked this question

I've found out how to link MS Access with SolidEdge 2D.
Secret is to export an individual record to a XLS spreadsheet.
You can do this via a Macro which can be on the front of a form.
Here's the VBA (at least the two relevent lines of it):

RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord
DoCmd.OutputTo acForm, "fulldetails", "MicrosoftExcelBiff8(*.xls)", "C:\se2d\drawings\outfile.xls",
False, "", 0

That should all be on two lines one starting "RunCommand" and one starting "DoCMD".

Change "C:\se2d\drawings\outfile.xls" to the path you want the record to be saved
at, and then link your drawing to that Excel file same as you would if it was linked
to an excel file.
Just make a control button in a form and link to a macro, once it's positioned RMB,
Properties and select the "..." by the side of "OnClick". This takes you to the
VBA window, insert these two lines between the "header" and "footer" of the macro
code (taking out any uneccessary code), and it "should" work.
The first line just selects the actual record associated with the one currently
displayed on your screen in Access, the second command saves the selected as a XLS
file in a given location.
You can add other bits and gubbins in there: check the "outfile" doesn't already
exist, rename a .DFT file to the customer record, etc. then all you have to do is
open the drawing file in SE2D and update the links, then print.
Until now I'd been using Excel as a second-rate database (like many engineers!)
so I thought it was time I linked SE2D to a proper database file.
Is this useful?
Is this posting ethical for this forum?
Thoughts and comments welcome.
If you need more info on this, let me know.