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Solid Edge 6 & Windows 10

I am one of those slow to upgrade softwares because of the inherent bugs that always come with them. I prefer for others to bear the brunt of new releases. I am on SE6 and happy with it. I have read all the comments about SE7 and the dilemma with Windows 10 - scary and frustrating.

Would anybody care to comment on the Windows 10 upgrade relative to SE6????



Re: Solid Edge 6 & Windows 10

I assume you meant ST6 and I don't think it will be supported with Win10. I think ST7 works but only ST8 and above will be officially supported. There are plenty of posts about Win10 and SE compatibility. Do a search, call your VAR...

Bruce Shand
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Re: Solid Edge 6

Thank you.
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Re: Solid Edge 6

ST6 is off of maintenance and will never be supported on Windows 10.


Microsoft changes stuff with each new Windows release which may not affect applications that use generic or minimal resources, but for heavy handed applications like Soilid Edge that are pushing the envelope around graphics and are big installs with lots of config options, things don't work the same way and thus cause issues.  ST7 is not supported on Windows 10 because of some issues and most likely won't due to the extensiveness of the changes needed to fix the issues.


Bottom line:  If you want to run Windows 10, you need ST8 with Update 3 and the Windows 10 November update (Windows 10 had issues that they needed to patch to make issues in ST8 fixable).




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