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Solid Edge Assembly query


I have an ST9 query on how to find the second moment of area of an assembly section.


You can do this for a part in the draft environment by creating a section, evaluating the area and then clicking on the properties of the co-ord system that appears.


Is there a way to do this to a large assembly?



I have tried converting it to a part (by saving it as a stp then importing into part environment), giving me over 2000 design bodies, but when in the draft it still is selecting individual areas.


I have tried to unionize all design bodies but SE cannot compute for some reason.


Can I select more than one area?


Any help would be much appreciated as this calculation would take a very long time by hand.


Betreff: Solid Edge Assembly query

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Cheggers




I must ask this question, but what for should this be good?

What can a moment of area be used for in the content of an assembly?


And You can directly import/open an assembly within a part, no need for anexport/import via step.



There are features/functions in SE2019 to create a single boody out of an assembly.

But if You have a section You can use the draft section option to only show the section itself, and nothing else.

These curves can be used for buidling a closed region in draft.


But again, at the moment I can not see the usage for that.




Betreff: Solid Edge Assembly query


fabricated beams?

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