Solid Edge Certification exam


I want to ask anyone who passed the "Solid Edge Certification exam" accessible throught this Link ?

I just went throught the exam but it said that I failed Smiley Happy OK...


There is a note how to enter the values and I am little bit confused. It said if result value is for example 90000mm in Solid Edge, enter value 90000, do not enter 90,000 or 90000mm.


But many results were in format 90000,XXX (, is decimal character in Europe). What is the correct value to be used as result?.




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Hi Ota,


I had that same question when I took the exam.  I copied/pasted the values that I into the answer field, so it included the ".XXX" , making a typical answer look like 90000.173


I used the decimal (".") instead of the European comma (",") and I did pass the test  Smiley Happy but not the first time Smiley Sad


Jim Wright

Certified Solid Edge Professional

Re: Solid Edge Certification exam

Hello Jim,

thank you for answer, I will try it again with comma "."



Re: Solid Edge Certification exam

I used . as decimal as well myself

Re: Solid Edge Certification exam

Sorry to revive a dead thread here, but hopefully I can help someone else taking the test. The instructions said to use whole numbers in the answer so I rounded up or down based on how we've all been taught. I failed the test and am sure the parts I created were accurate. I'll copy and paste the values next time around including the decimal values if that's what works.