Solid Edge Data Management

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I've been looking into Solid Edge for some time now and I have just a few questions on the different data management options. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


It appears there are three main Siemens options, Insight which appears to be the most basic package and comes with I believe Solid Edge Classic. Solid Edge SP which I believe has additional cost associated with it and lastly Teamcenter which is Siemens' heavy hitter.


I'm looking at starting a one man (initially) design shop & just want the basic functionallity of being able to easily copy designs & do basic part searchs. Maintaining revision history would be nice as well. Can Insight do that?


Next question, if you use Solid Edge SP (Sharepoint) do you have to also purchase a license of Sharepoint, or does that come with Solid Edge SP? It appears that Sharepoint is quite expensive.


I appreciate any insight (pun not intended!) into these options.


-Seth Holmes

-Seth M. Holmes

Re: Solid Edge Data Management

Good questions Seth and I applaud you on looking into data management early.  It is quite a chore to do this after you have thousands of files and many users and now really NEED a data management solution.  Each solution requires backend servers and software to work,  Insight and SESP have similar requirements of:

  • Must have a Windows Server.   It includes the downloadable Sharepoint Foundation (SharePoint Server is not required).
  • Must have a SQL Server (not Express)

These can be one the same machine, but for the sake of future growth and performance, best that they are two different machines.  I believe that SESP supports an additional SharePoint Application server which basically just separates the web hosting portion from the applications that are running such as the SESP and the Search engine.


I believe Teamcenter needs an App server, a DB server (SQL or Oracle), a Vault server, a View server and a Web server.  Not sure of the recommendations of what can be combined and what should be separate, but it can be much more complex to setup and administer.


Ken Grundey
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Re: Solid Edge Data Management

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Thanks very much for the detailed response! I looked around on the web before I posted but couldn't find specific information on what is required, just some general stuff.


I hear you on considering data management early, as I was in charge of getting years of data into a vault type system recently (I use Autodesk Inventor at my day job.) It was rather painful but now that it's up and running it hasn't been too bad.


-Seth Holmes

-Seth M. Holmes