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Solid Edge - Desktop Engineering... missed opportunities


I was very disappointed this weekend when reading 2 articles in DE magazine. In the first article "A New Look at Subtractive Prototyping" by Kenneth Wong  ( there was NO mention of Solid Edge and it's new integration of CamWorks. But as I continued to read DE's September 2013 issue, I ran into this article: "Crowdsourcing Power to the People" ( where Karsten Newbury is quoted... but again NO mention of Solid Edge.


The best we get is this: “If you can leverage a broader group of experts that are not inside your four walls, as well as creativity not bound by typical corporate processes, and include users in that process, you can drive that customer orientation,” says Karsten Newbury, senior vice president and general manager for mainstream engineering software at Siemens PLM Software."


“What’s exciting is there are a number of serious players looking at this, not just as a fun activity or as a way to get a nice product name or conceptual design, but as a real innovation tool,” he says. “Nevertheless, it’s still going to take several years to see how manufacturers should best leverage it and make it a core component of their process.”


Now I'm sure Karsten mentioned Solid Edge more then once as well as it's involvement with Local Motors, however Beth Stackpole of DE seemed to not even give Solid Edge any mention.


I'm sad to see another 2 lost opportunities for promoting Solid Edge....


Re: Solid Edge - Desktop Engineering... missed opportunities

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

I've always been upset with the number of blog posts listed for SE in the Tenlinks email I get.


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