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Solid Edge Die Forming Add On?

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SolidWorks have add-on for the die design called 3DQuickForm and 3DQuickPress. This two add-on is good enough for die design to do their work.


Is there any add-on from Solid Edge that is similar with this two function so that Solid Edge can go to the Mould&Die market?


Re: Solid Edge Die Forming Add On?

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Siemens Phenom

Just to clarify, 3DQuickForm and 3DQuickPress are not SolidWorks products but is a third party solution from QuickTools that is an add-in to SolidWorks. I know that seems to be a nit-pick but SolidWorks by itself is not able to meet this market either.


You can check out a list of 3rd party add-ons for Solid Edge at the Solid Edge Applications page:


A complete list of all Solid Edge partners is also available:

Re: Solid Edge Die Forming Add On?


Or you could go the way of NX Progressive Die Design module. Probably the best toolset for progressive die design with animation, interference checking, analysis tools, etc. And it is all associative driven from the original 3D model. And then the die base can go to NX CAM for more integrated and associative tool paths.


I know that is not what the SE guys want to hear but at least it keeps you in the Siemens PLM family and SE and NX play well together.


You can still do all your product design in SE and then open the SE files in NX Progressive Die Design for the tooling.

Re: Solid Edge Die Forming Add On?

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PLM World Member Phenom

If there is a video of Summit Tool Designs presentation from SEU16, you will see a very fast, efficient, and amazing way to use Synchronous to design progressive dies faster than I could have ever imagined.  I wish I had these techniques and tools when I was designing dies.  (Which, by the way, was with a company that used Solidworks.)


Check for the presentation information in the Knowledge Base after @MLombard has had a chance to upload them.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Solid Edge Die Forming Add On?

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Solution Partner Builder

Hi @RyanM , of course NX Progressive Die module easily beat SolidWorks + 3DQuickForm and 3DQuickPress.


But right now client are comparing the price, NX is too expensive for them thats why are planning to get SolidWorks with this add-on. But client are willing to use Solid Edge if Solid Edge have an add-on for Die design.


I heard about Visi Progressbut don't know yet on the true capability on this add-on.

Re: Solid Edge Die Forming Add On?


Whoa..whoa...back up. Your last comment makes it sound like the company is moving off of NX and looking at SolidAlmostWorks. Is that the case?


OK...just so you know this is the politiacal I am standing up on my soapbox to deliver my "speach".


Has the customer looked at all the complaints on the SW forums lately..those customers are not happy! Do they want to be another one of "those" customers?


Build the value with the SPLM integarted CAx business model.


Your customer may also want to know that the existing SW (desktop version) has been basically "retired". I've said this before. Retired doesn't mean that it's not working but it's not going to see any major investment dollars. That's one of the reason's you won't ever see direct modeling tools being implemented in SW- that money is in their new tools. There is no serious development going to happen with that product. The only development you will see are tools that bridge customers to the SOLIDWORKS Apps in the 3DEXPERIENCE "ecosystem". (Examples..the new SW 2016 UI upgrade..same icon set as the 3DEXPERIENCE apps and the users had a royal fit over that and the new "native" opening of CAD files in SW2017).  With the development cycle being retired, SE has been able (with the help of some seriously sharp programmers) to build tools to recreate the SW drawing file inside of SE. Development of any new "tools" has been idle. Any new features in SW have been "macro" based tools- a combination of current features to streamline a workflow. Nothing new.


When deveolping the die your customer will be dealing with a fairly large and complex assembly. The software will need to maintain face identification to map from model to the die. SW is notoriusly known for the constant rebuilds failing, building of invalid solid bodies (because they have their full rebuild function turned of as a performance improvement) and their poor assembly management. Your customer may need to bump up hardware requirements to even get this to run "properly" which is a hidden cost when dealing with SW these days. Oh, and don't forget the crashes..for no apparent reason. Again, look at the forums. Start adding up these hidden costs, the product development stalling, inability to get fixes, the continued crashing of SW and the initial investment in the software and 3rd-party software and your costs are skyrocketing.There is a lot of value in having one place to point your finger and say fix this software! That's what you get with an integrated system.


Does the solution they are looking at have interference checking during the animation to identify where your strip is going to collide with the tooling? I didn't see a mention of that anywhere in their product specifications. ( I don't know that is why I am asking.) NX is too expensive? How much will a single die rework cost them? The investment in NX is more than made up there.


Has your customer ever talked to a SW customer that has a 3rd party add-in/on. (I'm one!) You can't get a fix because you have to deal with the VAR first- convince them, then SW and then the 3rd party and then they all point fingers back and forth. You pray that you might get a fix in 6 months to a year. If you ask the folks on the forum..they haven't seen fixes for issues that are many years old - goes back to the software being retired and the fix is too deep in the code.


Making the case for SE should be much, much easier than SW. I would recommend a mixed environment with 1 seat NX with Progressive Die and the rest of the users using SE. OR just keep NX because if you are designing the die you are probably cutting the die as well. Having integrated CAM is just more cause to stay with NX products. can all cheer or jeer now!


Re: Solid Edge Die Forming Add On?


IF you really need additional help talk with Ken Swanson from SPLM. He's one of the main NX guys for Mold Wizzard and Prog. Die Design. He can also help build your business case!

Re: Solid Edge Die Forming Add On?

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Gears Phenom

Hi @Arisy,


I completely agree with @RyanM.


Unfortunately, there is no "die forming add on" to Solid Edge, this is NX's territory... this is good or not, I don't know, but in similar cases we offer "mixed" solution (1seat NX with one-step formability & "x" seats SE). This will provide more flexibility. Smiley Wink


You mentioned "Visi progress", yes this is a great product for progressive die designing (and mold tooling), what is NX's competitor. Keep in mind "Visi" is not a historybased modeller with very non-intuitive UI. I used it...