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I wonder if there is a way to open the drawing directly from the area I'm working on, for example, have already created an assembly and a drawing, I'm such an open setting and want to go straight to the details. as I do?


Re: Solid Edge Drawing

There is no command that will take you directly to a DFT file that depicts the model you are working on, however there is a Where Used command that can be found under the Manage menu under the Application button or by using the shortcut menu on the appropriate node in Pathfinder.

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Re: Solid Edge Drawing

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I would consider working with the assembly drawing [Draft] as your base point....

When you see something you want to add or alter / double click on the view and that model opens / make desired edits / close the assembly environment and you'll be back in the draft / use the  "Update Views" command, and the new mods will appear.

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Re: Solid Edge Drawing

There is a command in the file menu to create a new drawing using the part or assembly you are working on.

There is also a command to create a drawing of a part that you select with a right click in the pathfinder.

For drawings that already exist you need a PDM system. I've heard there are macros that are a workaround but I haven't used them.