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Solid Edge Gradient Background

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

As most of you know, the Solid Edge Gradient Background is not an option for Background in the Colors section of the Solid Edge option... You can only assign a single solid color.  The only way to set a Gradient Background is through the View Style or View Override which is applied per file (not globally).  I would like to see the Gradient Background as a Color option for Background that can be applied globally.


The reason for this is that over the years, the preferred background of templates has changed between no gradient to blue gradient to charcoal gradient and the gradient background must be turned off for the user to see their default background color.  I would like to have a global gradient option that would make this the same for all files opened per user.  ER# 5243360

Production: SE 2019 MP8, Testing: SE 2020

Re: Solid Edge Gradient Background

PLM World Member Legend PLM World Member Legend
PLM World Member Legend

The gradient background has been an ongoing issue for us too.  We have requested that this become a user setting rather than a file setting several times.  However, I think that request has been rolled into a broader request for better Administration and Template controls.  I will make sure that we are tagged to your ER#.