Solid Edge Iges Opening problem

Hello Everyone,

Is there anyone here ever had such experiences in iges opening problem?

i am trying to open 30 MB Iges files. i left it open one full night and still not succesfull.

i haven't any problem opening 200 MB iges file before.


Any help will be very much appreciated?


here i attach the iges file for your reference.


Thanks & rgrds



Re: Solid Edge Iges Opening problem

Hi Destian,


IGES is a very fragile format, especially where importing into Solid Edge is concerned. I ran the file through my older version of Rhino, and instantly see there are mixed entity types in the file,.....which will almost certainly arrest the progress going through the SEIGES importer. I presume you've tried adjusting your import options, to see if it will filter out the anomalies.


Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
Solid Edge ST9 [MP8] Classic [x2 seats]
Windows 10

Re: Solid Edge Iges Opening problem

As Sean points out you may need to try changing some of the parameters in the options to get what you need.


Someday maybe things such as this will be only a memory. But for now it takes a lot of ttial and error attempts to succeed... and even then I've found the reuslts pretty useless. Unfortunately IGES is slowly getting worse not better for importing into SE.



Re: Solid Edge Iges Opening problem

Hi EveryOne,


Thank youfor your kind feedback, and fast responces.

Appologize for late feed back from me. it's kind of hectic to catch the deal here Smiley Tongue.


for your information, we just gave them another solution by open the file trough CamExpress and re-save it again as iges then open it again in solid Edge (we'll full support for them). and it's opened lest then a minute. so my conclusion is as sean mentioned before. seems problem from caelum software iges convertion.


however, the good news is we won the deal for Solid Edge Smiley Wink


Thanks All for support given