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Today, we announced the release of Solid Edge ST10. For those of you who consult the readme file you learned Solid Edge ST11 will be the last release of Insight. There is no easy way to share this news with you. For many, the product has contributed to your overall product design success.  Current maintenance customers will receive a letter explaining the decision to retire Insight. If you are using Insight to manage your product development process, we encourage you to file an Incident Report (IR). We hope to continue to work with you to ensure your success using Siemens’ solutions going forward.


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All versions of Insight?

Does Solid Edge SP (also based on Sharepoint like Insight) included in the list?

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

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Can't say I'm surprised. It's been "hinted" at through shear silence on Insight and SESP for months with constant talk about TC and BiDM.

Bruce Shand
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Solid Edge for SharePoint - SESP - has its own lifecycle. Solid Edge ST10 will be the last release for SESP.

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Is there a roadmap to use the data/time and hardware that has been purchased for the SQL servers and software that is in place? 

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Insight had a good ride... about 15 years.


SESP not so long...


Kind of saw the writing on the wall when Marketing started only talking about BiDM and SEEC.


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It's beyond me why the announcement of the impending demise of Insight and the subsequent one of SESP dying even sooner get kudos. So years of Insight use and the consolation is to file an IR?! I hope there will be more info upcoming on migrating the existing database.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

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Can you comment if Siemens PLM has any intentions of getting the BiDM indexing to work on SAN/NAS, ie. not built on Microsoft's Indexing.  Not that we were using Insight or SESP, but I can say that BiDM is of no percievable value if the files are not indexed and Team Center is pretty much out of the question.  We need to know which way to move forward, continue to wait for a better indexing solution from Siemens or find our own solution?  Mind you there was great anticipation of the "Fast Search" of ST9 only to find out it is unavailable for any file serving solution other than MS Server. 


Thank you.

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HI @bnemec




good question and a good request.


NAS boxes with no windows operating system are out there nearly everywhere and in use.

And for many smaller companies they are doing a pretty good job.


To loose indexing and Fast Search here is really a pain!



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Good afternoon everyone,

We are a SESP customer and have already started with a migration plan and process. I’m not going to go into too much detail right now.

The long and the short is that Microsoft have dropped SharePoint Foundation (the free version) from their 2016 release. And this have placed Siemens in a bit of a predicament with their SharePoint products at a future cost disadvantage with competitors.