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Solid Edge Journaling? / Macros / Add-Ins


A coworker who is experienced in NX mentioned that have something called journaling that allows you to automate some manual processes by recording what you do and editing the saved code. I may be off a bit in my description of how it works exactly but the point is I am looking for something to automate some steps and have some interface with a pop-up menu. Not sure if Macro's would be the best way to do this or if there is another way that might be more efficient. I am relatively new to Solid Edge and completely new to any Add-ins/Macro writing.I was hoping for some help in pointing me in the right direction and for any references they might have used to assist in learning.


For example I have included the manual steps below for one of the process I want to automate:

Create sketch with centerpoint

Create flat bottom hole (with pre-set info) onto the centerpoint

Place Coordinate system on the center of the bottom of flat hole

Place part copy onto coordinate system

Place Secondary hole on sketch centerpoint


Betreff: Solid Edge Journaling? / Macros / Add-Ins

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Esteemed Contributor

Hi @C_Berg



Yes for example similar to that one what is available within FEMAP


You can record Your steps and expand this vb code afterwards for automatism and repeating similar tasks.



Betreff: Solid Edge Journaling? / Macros / Add-Ins




Just a bit confused by your response, were you saying there is something like this inside of Solid Edge ST5 that would allow me to do this?

Betreff: Solid Edge Journaling? / Macros / Add-Ins



No, perhaps @hawcad appears to be agreeing to what you wish SE had - journaling,


Not saying because Solid Edge doesn't have it, journaling very soon hits a brick wall. You should always start with the fundamentals.


Solid Edge programming has a bit steep learning curve but has been made easy over the years by efforts of many. Little self-help is required to get started.


1. Step-by-step tutorials are available on this page - Scroll down to the programming tutorials section.

2. Exhaustive samples are available for every beginner to intermediate to advanced stage coding levels.

3. As many as 46 video tutorials for Solid Edge programming are available here.

4. Then comes Solid Edge spy, which will both ease and accelerate your programming efforts multifold.


Sorry, no quick solution is available to begin with.


~Tushar Suradkar

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Betreff: Solid Edge Journaling? / Macros / Add-Ins




Thank you  for clarifying and for also providing those links and references. I guess this is the beginning of my SE programming journey. Thanks for the info.