Solid Edge Monthly Subscription -- Raise Hand?

We are starting to see some really interesting momentum with the Solid Edge Monthly Subscription program. [This is where you "rent" Solid Edge on an ongoing basis. It is more expensive in the long term than buying, but for startups where cash is tight, it is a great solution.]

The strong profile of this new customer base is "startup" or "side business" and you are not alone -- the orders are coming in fast and furious. 


My question is are you finding your way into this treasure trove of information that is the Solid Edge Community?



(and tell us a little about  yourself and business)

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Solid Edge Monthly Subscription -- Raise Hand?

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I'm not on monthly, but I am on "maintenance" on a per year basis.


The company I work for makes sheet metal tanks for Oil, Diesel, Anti-Freeze. The product is either in the form of a skid or trailer component or complete trailer.


We are one of the few manufactures who will make completely custom tanks. I have to re-size the product for every client.


For materials we use 16,14,12,10 Gage Carbon steel. Sometimes we use stainless and aluminum of the same thickness range.


All material is cut in a punch machine and bent in a variety of break and folding machines. Each machine has its own limitations.


I commonly refer to sheet metal design as origamy engineering.


The goal of the CAD drawings is to create flat patterns and folding patterns. The folding patterns are the big challenge as the current sheet metal bend tables do not include back gage (what the machine needs to know) and the stick out (what the operator needs to know) to get the parts bent.


As a single Engineer/Designer. I make all the drawings for about 40 fabrication and assembly personnel.


I have a few restriction most CAD departments may not have: 8.5X11 only. Documenting parts that were created by hand sketches.


Re: Solid Edge Monthly Subscription -- Raise Hand?

I raise my hand!

Just started my own business and be on a monthly subscription.


My business is the complete project and product management almost in the communications area. The monthly subscription is ideal for my start up company. There is no need for a ful license because there is as much different work to do. One month is filled with project management, the other month is filled with simulation. Oh no, not FEM simulation within Solid Edge. For my work I need electromagnetic simulation tools what is not integrated within SE. I know there are possibilities with coupling to the thermodynamik simulation. This maybe is something for far future to me. When my project is coming to the design phase I made the great experience with monthly subscription: Just book one month over Internet and immediately usage is guaranteed.


Actually I look for the flexibility of the different versions. I started with design&draft, but now it came to frame design and tomorrow I need harness design. Maybe you are able to give me a hint in how to deal that the best.



Re: Solid Edge Monthly Subscription -- Raise Hand?

One more or less off-topic question, out of interest.


Who is gives support, is it the local reseller or no support or reseller by choice or..


How is this organized outside the USA... in Europe F.i. The Netherlands.




Jan Bos

Emmen, The Netherlands

Ueser since Solid Edge V3.5 beta testing since ST4 now ST10



Re: Solid Edge Monthly Subscription -- Raise Hand?

The Solid Edge Subscription program is unique in the industry as "partner friendly" on a worldwide basis. This means our sales partners (resellers) get paid a portion of subscription revenues in their area, in exchange for supporting subscription customers. So short story - the partner supports the customer.




Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development