Solid Edge Queries related Piping and tubing and weldment

Hello All,

Following are the few queries that i have in solid Edge. Need your help.


1.) Is there a standard parts library of pressure gauges etc. apart from various pipes and tubes?

2.) Is there a way to determine the pressure difference or pressure drop between the two ends of the pipe?

3.) Is there a way to get total amount of welding required to join various pipes for the piping system designed in the software?

4)Is there a way to determine, total/optimum number of supports required for an entire pipe(with and  without fluid flowing through it) length?

5) Is there a way to determine, total amount of insulation material(like in length) required for a piping'system, wherein we want to control the temperature of the fluid flowing through it?





Re: Solid Edge Queries related Piping and tubing and weldment

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1) Try

2) Not with stock SE, maybe you could make a plugin?

3) Did you make the assembly a weldment? if so you could pull the mass of the welds and divide that out by the weld area. Sloppy if you have multiple weld types and sizes.

4) No. You could do an FEA with the FEmap if you have the full version to verify your design and modify from there.

5) Maybe? if you used the pipe part it has an associated length, add up those lengths and use that to determine how much insulation you need.


The questions you are asking make me think you want a pipeline designing software not a modeling program more focused on sheetmetal and machined parts.