Solid Edge ST 7 not reading material file

Solid Edge ST 7 is not reading my material file. 

I have set the Material Table Folder location in the Solid Edge Options to the folder on our network drive that contains our shared materials.mtl file.  


However when I try to set the material in a part file I get the following error.  

" The Material Table File cannot be found.  Make sure the path is set correctly in the File Locations page of the Soldie Edge Options Page."


I am positive that path is correct and there is a materials.mtl file in the path location. 


Any ideas?





Re: Solid Edge ST 7 not reading material file

Did you exit and restart SE after setting the materials path and/or hit the "update" button in the file locations dialog?

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Solid Edge ST 7 not reading material file

Turned out to be a read/write permissions problem on our end. I had read permission, but not write permission on the folder.
I guess SE needed write permission even though I wasn't trying to change the material file. Strange.

Will Bailey

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