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Solid Edge ST6 - Maintenance Pack 5 Announcement

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March 3, 2014



Dear Solid Edge Customer:


The latest Maintenance Pack (MP5) for Solid Edge ST6 is now available for download.



The Solid Edge Team




Release Notes:



--- Maintenance Pack Policy --


We release Maintenance Packs for CRITICAL items only. Maintenance Packs are available

up to a maximum of 15 months following the release date of the English version. The

release date for Solid Edge ST6 English was 7/19/13, making the Maintenance Pack

cutoff date 10/19/14.


--- Office 97-2003 File Types ---


Customers have reported problems with SEEC interacting with Office 97-2003 file types.


   Example: It not possible to open an excel spreadsheet from the Solid Edge variable table.


File open is failing because Microsoft Office 2010 added security checks relating to

opening Office 97-2003 files. Therefore, in order to open Office 97-2003 file types 

in this manner the SEEC Cache folder location must be added to the Microsoft Office

application’s Trusted Locations.


   Example: Add the SEEC Cache location to:


      File->Options->Trust Center->Trusted center settings->Trusted locations



Download Location:



ST6 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from: 






After downloading the Maintenance Pack to your machine, unbundle the zip file and then

dbl click on exe to install the Maintenance Pack.



E-mail Notification:



To receive direct e-mail notification for new Solid Edge Update or Maintenance Packs, subscribe

to the SFBmail notification.


To initiate your subscription, navigate to: the web interface.


Or send an e-mail message (message and subject line should be blank) to:



This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:




PR 6988512:  Abort at ModifyOffset::GetArrayMemberIndex—Crashlog



PR 6983036: Problem with angle relationship behavior when changing from Fixed to Range

PR 1955047: Opening FOA file and closing without save touches the FOA file

PR 1964937: Assembly performance decreases when parts are not modified by assembly features

PR 6983036: Issues with sixth angle bounded dimensions

PR 1966217: Solid Edge can't mesh model and crash while trying to edit material

PR 2806276: Delay when placing parts in an assembly

PR 6982299: Update All in physical properties manager is not updating the mass

PR 6988513: Abort when selecting visible parts that are sectioned

PR 1965492: Part "dirty" directly after opening assembly

PR 1965612: Not able to open assembly on Windows 8

PR 1970822: Conflicting relationships when replacing an assembly by another member of FOA

PR 6940390: Subassembly not displayed in top level when opened Hide All and then Show all

PR 6944055: Mirrored components not displaying in assembly pathfinder

PR 6988397: Solid Edge locks up when inserting a part

PR 6992064: Unable to save file after Undo of a pattern if pattern of frames

PR 6993707: Customer has a large assembly file of a plant (building) he is making the piping

PR 6999238: Unable to apply relationship between face and ref plane or CS plane



PR 1968174:  Dimensions (by 2 points, set in ST5) will be oriented hor./vert. in ST6

PR 1968968:  Solid Edge stops working

PR 2229114:  Callout text moved when draft exported to .dwg

PR 2229124:  Callout Text "%CL" in not supported within AutoCAD translation

PR 2231479:  If V15Draft is opened by ST4; the value of a size will change

PR 6966839:  SE Options: modified colors revert to default if not changed in next instance

PR 6971410:  Stack dimension is not reorienting the affected dimensions

PR 6985115:  While deleting Sync dimensions file aborts

PR 1970058: Embedded MS Word Document (.doc MS Word 97 - 2007) not imported

PR 1970233: Some bend centerlines were not showing up in flat pattern view

PR 6967180: Shading for drawing views not displayed in viewer data

PR 1962317: Abort, while creating DXF-File

PR 1965895: Please repair this draft in ST6

PR 6976651: Callout text is moving causing the leaders to stretch

PR 1967770: Can't open file. Please repair in ST6

PR 1972398: session aborts while deleting a drawing view

PR 6995551: Getting wrong results when using %RT in callout


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 6984405:  Integrate updated NX 9 adapter into ST6 MP5

PR 6997136:  Solid Edge Abort when using face relate to try to modify read-only Insight part



PR 6982533:  Insight Connect remains minimized when a new file is opened

PR 6946375:  Property Manager Error in View & Markup

PR 6916189:  Incorrect error given when attempting to revise component in released sub-ASM


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 1944664: Solid Edge SP- Open draft file do not download all files in the folder cache

PR 6976582: Cannot delete templates

PR 6991838: Structure Editor: Paste operation time increases with BOM lines

PR 6958476: Improve Web Client Performance needs to be back ported into ST6 MP

PR 6987436: Error messages seen while uploading large Robbins dataset using chunk size=100

PR 6997079: Cannot import this specific draft into the database

PR 1965289: Problem with Data Preparation Tools in German Solid Edge SP with IXT-StatusNr

PR 6997660: CPD loses information during save as and revise operations


===Solid Edge Embedded Client===

PR 1938118: SEEC Save As automatically assigns new Item to same Project as original Item

PR 1955619: Inconsistent read-only/checkout behavior in Open workflows

PR 1966989: No custom item types in CPD

PR 1966993: Unable to save SE dataset to empty item with custom item type

PR 1969514: Umlauts for LOV Attribute values are not displayed in Solid Edge CPD window

PR 6768788: In this workflow ASM file is open with file load failure. (Workflow specific)

PR 6970302: Edge crashes if double-click in an empty cell in Search dialog

PR 6989976: Back Port ST7 deviation D4110 Enhancements to Re-Import Workflow-AT2i to ST6MP5

PR 1961950: Cannot set default or select value for Boolean property upon initial creation

PR 1968462: Non-English AddToTeamcenter Interactive doesn't load itemid, revid, item name

PR 2229264: Paste operation time increase dramatically with the BOM lines

PR 6937930: Save As of assembly draft; opening new ASM shows file load failure (Tc10.1)

PR 1969451: LOV on object_name is not available in CPD window if perform Save As

PR 6983476: SEEC query double click not working correctly

PR 6990612: Incorrect document name formula is displayed after Assign All in RHS (ITA)

PR 6991647: With documented workflow the dataset name will not be named correctly

PR 6991864: The custom Item Name will get removed when auto assign during a save as

PR 6991919: If the property Pattern_ItemID is missing, then pattern will be empty

PR 6993380: Copy and paste "Revise" action in SESE causes a termination

PR 1966270: Replace Sub-Assembly with copy duplicate occurrences in TC structure manager

PR 2211862: SEEC "add to Teamcenter" failed when ST4 and TCX have attribute mapping


Fred White
Siemens PLM Software