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Solid Edge ST6 - Maintenance Pack 6 Announcement

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April 14, 2014



Dear Solid Edge Customer:


The latest Maintenance Pack (MP6) for Solid Edge ST6 is now available for download.



The Solid Edge Team




Release Notes:



--- Maintenance Pack Policy --


We release Maintenance Packs for CRITICAL items only. Maintenance Packs are available

up to a maximum of 15 months following the release date of the English version. The

release date for Solid Edge ST6 English was 7/19/13, making the Maintenance Pack

cutoff date 10/19/14.


--- Office 97-2003 File Types ---


Customers have reported problems with SEEC interacting with Office 97-2003 file types.


   Example: It not possible to open an excel spreadsheet from the Solid Edge variable table.


File open is failing because Microsoft Office 2010 added security checks relating to

opening Office 97-2003 files. Therefore, in order to open Office 97-2003 file types 

in this manner the SEEC Cache folder location must be added to the Microsoft Office

application’s Trusted Locations.


   Example: Add the SEEC Cache location to:


      File->Options->Trust Center->Trusted center settings->Trusted locations



Download Location:



ST6 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from: 






After downloading the Maintenance Pack to your machine, unbundle the zip file and then

dbl click on exe to install the Maintenance Pack.



E-mail Notification:



To receive direct e-mail notification for new Solid Edge Update or Maintenance Packs, subscribe

to the SFBmail notification.


To initiate your subscription, navigate to: the web interface.


Or send an e-mail message (message and subject line should be blank) to:



This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:




PR 6979806: Problem enumerating multiple cutting planes on a drawing view

PR 6991814: Crash on calling ConstructionModel GetParent() SolidEdge APIs on Surface Body

PR 1958186: PartsList.Pages.Count always returns 1

PR 6987955: Issue related to PropertyTableAttached Attribute after CopySurface in SE

PR 6988146: get_NumAttachedObjects() returning a positive number of attachments in cases for which AttachedTo() method would throw an exception



PR 1957429: 'edit material' does not work from Simulation Edgebar

PR 1964029: cannot add a part to mirror components feature

PR 1968265: part moves when un-suppressing or placing new feature in other part

PR 1970822: Conflicting relationships when replacing an assembly by another member of FOA

PR 1971357: Poor Quality Mesh indicating for healthy surface

PR 1971878: Mid surface thickness not recognized for ordered parts

PR 6980581: Cannot save if unload hidden parts switch is turned on

PR 6999775: KeyShot update did not work when using KeyShot with a floating license

PR 1957948: 'edit thickness' does not work visually (override property works visually)

PR 1973819: Bad Performance when deleting Asm features

PR 6998585: parts being placed in assembly not being sectioned properly

PR 1954945: Assembly patterns did not support fill region patterns

PR 1970770: No disk space is available for undo support

PR 6991938: SE crashing when deleting components

PR 7107706: Assembly configurations Save button disabled with large buttons min ribbon

PR 1969051: Not all occurrences of the target part in the top and subassembly are replaced

PR 7114497: Edge crashes if we delete the sketch and edit tube properties

PR 1977985: SE Simulation crashes at Mesh

PR 7103561: Assembly-driven part features can't be edited after breaking the link

PR 7111795: Fix for multiple crashlog aborts when deleting an assembly relationship



PR 1968075: Callouts within a 2D-Model view exported with wrong positions to ACAD model space

PR 1969622: Wrong dimension tolerance text size for imported DXF

PR 1972708: reproducible Crashlog when moving dimensions while ALT-key is pressed

PR 1972860: Distance between creates wrong dimension, if Type is "Feature Callout"

PR 6974211: Line and dimension moving to the other side of group origin

PR 6974447: Secondary units incorrect for Fit Hole/Shaft with tolerance dimension

PR 6999229: Orphaned angular dimension causes abort when view is updated

PR 7105469: Unable to change element gap on feature control frame

PR 7105564: lead to an abort on open during ST6 conversion of drawing views in some cases

PR 1963978: Solid Edge ST6 doesn't export a Callout without leader line to AutoCAD 12 dwg

PR 2235646: a Draft file failing to open in ST6

PR 7110481: PMI in 3D PDF is reversed

PR 1976521: Callout text disappears

PR 1976769: Abort when deleting table group header

PR 6992744: Prop text is missing after file save as to DWG

PR 7105609: crash on exit after Text Box edit - then undo

PR 2234561: Part file corrupts when saved in ST6

PR 6937070: Sheet metal file aborts deleting holes

PR 6973754: drawing view disappears when renaming the active sheet



===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 6965638: Extrude command Selection Type hot keys not working in ST6

PR 1950721: Request to reopen issue - Etch identify with API on the flatten model

PR 1955734: Revolved cutout gives error

PR 6997136: Solid Edge Abort when using face relate to try to modify read-only Insight part

PR 1967000: a thread feature couldn't be create via the automation API .

PR 1971912: Wrong stress analysis result in ST6 Simulation Express.

PR 1975596: revolved construction surface not visible until sharpen change

PR 6952052: synchronous bead failing in some workflows.

PR 1973850: Problem with save as image



PR 1958674: Insight can't open files with umlauts via the search result list

PR 1961457: Insight Performance Regression: First Open and First Search are very slow

PR 1965985: English SE Client doesn't handle German SEStatus correclty - "Latest Released"

PR 1957847: Search Server Express 2010 French: Where Used doesn't find all documents

PR 1966014: Error message when defining SE Options group names for DocControl and EngChange

PR 1950953: "Replace Part with Copy" copies also unselected parts when using Insight

PR 1966014: Error message when defining SE Options group names for DocControl and EngChange

PR 6902051: Create Unmanaged Copy command is not picking up draft files for assembly components

PR 6970943: Slow Operation during the opening of larger assemblies

PR 1976592: RevMan: Insight allows an "Update" action on a released assembly


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 1969284: Modified timestamp on Item Revision is not correctly updated

PR 6959718: Where Used do not work after Revise action

PR 6970167: File load failure observed as user tries to open assembly which other user is saving

PR 2211862: Add to Teamcenter failed when ST4 and TCX have attribute map

PR 1957335: Cannot release part revisions with IXT_DocControllers have Full Control

PR 6997728: SESE crashing

PR 7101577: Endpoint connection error seen in client log when upload this modified assembly

PR 1976390: 'Create Package' of 50+ parts causes SESP web client to hang and doesn't complete


===Solid Edge Embedded Client===

PR 1923448: Cannot Save As or IPA edit released part w/ ProAsm dataset in assembly

PR 1955870: Cannot add .dft dataset under existing Design item when Document Number defined

PR 1960251: SEEC incorrectly changing manually defined dataset name in model draft pair

PR 6930882: showing an bad error message when FCC fails to start

PR 6935000: need better error message to troubleshoot solution to MultiCAD issues

PR 6990612: Incorrect document name formula is displayed after Assign All in RHS

PR 6992440: Part file Item ID is not assigned to its DFT for this workflow

PR 6998598: Property is duplicated saving a new document.

PR 7100894: CPD loses information during save as and revise operations for this work.

PR 1915659: Unable to place more than one FOP member into an assembly without error

PR 6889431: RNR showing description and changing on the CPD after selection

PR 6921664: Column Fit too narrow when cell has image and list

PR 6963346: Checkout of Embedded Client License does not show up in debug.log

PR 6997698: problems when saving files from Solid Edge ST6 to Teamcenter 10.1.0

PR 6901072: BOM mismatch error shown when saving this FOA

PR 6977867: Frequent crashes after query in SEEC ST6

PR 7110419: Copy and Paste of RNR in SESE paste the wrong value for BOM lines with drafts

PR 7110739: Time to check-in or saving too long

PR 6962123: Geometry tab in Teamcenter Vis is not displaying imperial units per SE part file

PR 1972151: Crash occurs while running the utility

PR 1957618: Incorrect behavior when TC Revision Naming Rules applied only to SE Part

PR 1972725: Save As creates a new first Revision if first Revision does not exist

PR 1976728: Save As of Part & Draft w/ linked image file creates 2 SE Interpart Draft Links

PR 6774107: Opening aa assembly is returning a Runtime exception error

PR 6943914: Save As All results are incorrect for assembly having empty item

PR 6992555: Save AS; Adding the same ItemRev at a child level as the parent Item crashes

PR 1974516: ST6 w/Tc10.1 poor performance during first "Save" comparing to ST2 w/Tc8.1

PR 1976946: Attributes with Russian localization are displayed as garbage in SEEC

PR 6901822: Save AS is linking source model to draft instead on the newly created model

PR 6979703: Item ID Pattern property does not display while working on leftover transaction

PR 7113920: Problem in SEEC ST6MP5 searching for Tc numeric attributes

PR 7118818: LOV values in the CPD do not sync when part and draft in the same upload window



Fred White
Siemens PLM Software