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Solid Edge ST6 - Maintenance Pack 8 Announcement

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June 23, 2014



Dear Solid Edge Customer:


The latest Maintenance Pack (MP8) for Solid Edge ST6 is now available for download.



The Solid Edge Team




Release Notes:



--- Maintenance Pack Policy --


We release Maintenance Packs for CRITICAL items only. Maintenance Packs are available

up to a maximum of 15 months following the release date of the English version. The

release date for Solid Edge ST6 English was 7/19/13, making the Maintenance Pack

cutoff date 10/19/14.


--- Office 97-2003 File Types ---


Customers have reported problems with SEEC interacting with Office 97-2003 file types.


   Example: It not possible to open an excel spreadsheet from the Solid Edge variable table.


File open is failing because Microsoft Office 2010 added security checks relating to

opening Office 97-2003 files. Therefore, in order to open Office 97-2003 file types 

in this manner the SEEC Cache folder location must be added to the Microsoft Office

application’s Trusted Locations.


   Example: Add the SEEC Cache location to:


      File->Options->Trust Center->Trusted center settings->Trusted locations



Download Location:



ST6 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from: 






After downloading the Maintenance Pack to your machine, unbundle the zip file and then

dbl click on exe to install the Maintenance Pack.



E-mail Notification:



To receive direct e-mail notification for new Solid Edge Update or Maintenance Packs, subscribe

to the SFBmail notification.


To initiate your subscription, navigate to: the web interface.


Or send an e-mail message (message and subject line should be blank) to:



This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:




PR 1981253: Improved parameter validation in DrawingView.SetViewOrientation to make it simpler to use



PR 6941314: No Sync Hole created from Assembly if “From-To” options is used

PR 1970098: Verify availability of fittings should be on for piping routes

PR 1978664: Assembling new parts into assembly is very slow

PR 1982364: Large number of Label Weld features slowing down graphic performance

PR 2238087: Poor performance placing parts and pipes

PR 1932984: user preferences create bad STEP files; existing user preferences create good STEP file

PR 1951871: Unknown error message when doing self-paced Frames training

PR 1982617: Entering values of XpresRoute Dimensions is not working properly

PR 7124418: Getting conflicting item numbers in Occurrences Properties

PR 7111238: Having trouble with reference axis of revolved assembly protrusions and cutouts

PR 1974979: Solid Edge stops working during edit cross section

PR 7109819: Too many parts removed from the "reduce scope" command

PR 7151658: When in XpresRoute, Frame centerlines showing



PR 1968432: Text moves when exporting to dwg/dxf

PR 1983642: Surface texture symbol gets distorted if changing its type

PR 2226440: Filling region causes crash

PR 2238216: Problem in callout Symbols when draft export to .dwg

PR 7125412: OLE objects import from ACAD all produce same data

PR 1934157: Text field position not correct when saving as dwg

PR 1966651: Text box moved when export in DWG if use base view scale is active

PR 1983965: Solid Edge will crash closing a draft

PR 2240191: Dimension leader line rendering/ display problem in Solid Edge ST5

PR 7117141: Dimension location changes after opening an ST4 Draft in ST6

PR 7138747: Edge crashes after this workflow using the Select Conductor dialog

PR 7145198: Converting detail view to 2D still has geometry linked to the model

PR 1984574: weld-feature will be treated as simplified

PR 7148392: multiline textbox is not exported to AutoCAD

PR 1983527: Item numbers not displayed in Draft correctly for some occurrences

PR 1985804: failed PMI dimension causes performance problem

PR 6982296: Duplicate symbols are displayed for a dia & Radial dimensions

PR 7141764: There is an unwanted line between primary and secondary caption


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 1960726: Save Flatten as dxf contains incorrect triangulation lines

PR 1974546: Bluesurf does not work

PR 1978123: Thin wall with unique thickness on a face removes this face

PR 1959945: ST6 IGES export different compared to ST2 IGES

PR 6916069: SE locks up attempting to place a PMI dimension on specific edges of certain models.

PR 2224006: The number of property records influence the performance

PR 2240489: [Preview] Button of "Simplify" is not updated



PR 1966027: Very long close time for revised documents

PR 7118248: Dragging parts into assemblies is too slow

PR 7138021: No mismatch error accessing an Insight server with a different version client.

PR 2239066: Recursive search not working with Insight on SharePoint


===Insight Connect===

PR 6797608: Cannot use measurement commands in View & Markup

PR 6750770: Part in subassembly displays incorrectly after being renamed in Revision Manager

PR 6699740: V&M: Commands in Windows dialog say they are unsupported from the dialog.


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 6956062: BOM Mismatch error message for the assembly is shown to the user

PR 7140912: Modifications to the sub-assembly and parts lost as part of left over processing

PR 1957225: Cannot run web reports - No report templates loaded for this site.

PR 6985992: Go to Location does not expand to object in CB if beyond first 50 objects

PR 7147354: SE SP-EC: Save As action do not populate document content type

PR 1984327: Number columns in custom group not syncing correctly between model draft pairs

PR 2239017: Cannot search object when using customize (Chinese) property name in SESP ST6


===Solid Edge Embedded Client===

PR 6999784: 'Use Designed Assembly' leading to a crash

PR 6740239: Copy Doc # to new filename does not work in SEEC Analyze

PR 6828049: Draft dimension do not rebind for driven reference

PR 6930639: SEEC_DrivenReference_DoNotCopy_Revise still linking MSWordX datasets.

PR 6931067: Opening an Asm which has NX Asm added to it fails to translate the NX Asm

PR 6953492: Error condition on CPD when using a Revision Rule

PR 6966608: Reuse of folder is not displayed, no error when invalid

PR 6971928: Save As- PDF for draft does not exist under new item revision

PR 6999304: Assembly structure does not get updated when revising added to TcRS dataset

PR 7136786: Errors on items owned by Global Multi-Site

PR 7140772: Crash when revising a part if OS user has read only to Solid Edge TcE hive

PR 1959607: Slow SEEC save when sub-assembly is released and part is modified

PR 6908067: Revise issues with SEv19 generated objects.

PR 6944729: AddToTeamcenter incorrectly changes the Item Type then fails to import

PR 7137797: Revise Assembly file cannot be saved error

PR 7137834: Draft values in CPD are not in synch with Part

PR 7144737: Duplicated text in named references filenames during SE Save As

PR 1943093: Multi-CAD with NX assemblies containing JT files not creating child data

PR 1976080: Naming rules does not work properly in CPD with special characters: ?,&

PR 6801680: "Missing value for a required property" when required properties have value

PR 1985154: License server - consuming SEEC license on PC without Teamcenter

PR 7147125: Material selected for new part does not appear in New Document CPD



Fred White
Siemens PLM Software