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Solid Edge ST6 - Maintenance Pack 9 Announcement

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July 28, 2014



Dear Solid Edge Customer:


The latest Maintenance Pack (MP9) for Solid Edge ST6 is now available for download.



The Solid Edge Team




Release Notes:



--- Maintenance Pack Policy --


We release Maintenance Packs for CRITICAL items only. Maintenance Packs are available

up to a maximum of 15 months following the release date of the English version. The

release date for Solid Edge ST6 English was 7/19/13, making the Maintenance Pack

cutoff date 10/19/14.


--- Office 97-2003 File Types ---


Customers have reported problems with SEEC interacting with Office 97-2003 file types.


   Example: It not possible to open an excel spreadsheet from the Solid Edge variable table.


File open is failing because Microsoft Office 2010 added security checks relating to

opening Office 97-2003 files. Therefore, in order to open Office 97-2003 file types

in this manner the SEEC Cache folder location must be added to the Microsoft Office

application’s Trusted Locations.


   Example: Add the SEEC Cache location to:


     File->Options->Trust Center->Trusted center settings->Trusted locations



Download Location:



ST6 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:






After downloading the Maintenance Pack to your machine, unbundle the zip file and then

dbl click on exe to install the Maintenance Pack.



E-mail Notification:



To receive direct e-mail notification for new Solid Edge Update or Maintenance Packs, subscribe

to the SFBmail notification.


To initiate your subscription, navigate to: for the web interface.


Or send an e-mail message (message and subject line should be blank) to:



This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:




PR 1984564: Performance issues when closing assemblies while running a .NET Add-In in Solid

PR 1977548: API - Sheet Metal Neutral factor from Excel

PR 1982103: Create in Place within SE-assembly via API in ST6 is not working



PR 1958586: part files in an alternate assembly are disappearing from a drawing

PR 1981356: Replacing parts positioned by coordinate system does not work systematically

PR 2239297: Assembly Parts are missing

PR 6956847: File cannot be saved message after undo

PR 6997722: Randomly parts will not be displayed

PR 6997726: Assembly is constantly out of date - axial lock rotation compute issue

PR 7158070: Revolved Cutouts and protrusions fail after an update All

PR 1982387: Assembly cannot be translated with SWX Data migration tool

PR 2225823: PMI translation from Solid Edge to NX via JT

PR 6983685: Unable to migrate drawings with multiple sheets

PR 7144924: Import JT/NX assemblies into a Solid Edge part file

PR 1989082: Assembly coordinate system geometry is not locating correctly

PR 2241662: Unable to select reference position in pattern

PR 1990638: Abort while rotating assemblies and using certain face style

PR 2236158: In Edit of Tube Options, properties should be disabled if the file is read-only

PR 7146234: Error: The part cannot be placed. Make sure it is not a Feature Library part

PR 7128225: Position of parts in ASM is incorrect after importing this JT



PR 1950112: Viewer data was not being stored in symbol files

PR 1968584: Missing break line for linear dimensions

PR 1978811: Pictures are moved when saving as DWG

PR 1982813: Problems with the new paste multiple command

PR 1987274: trim corner between two curves in ST6

PR 2234235: Copy and paste drawing view to new template stops Solid Edge working

PR 2237306: Position of dimension is changes when ST2 file open in ST6

PR 2239789: Pasted groups not displaying in EdgeBar group tab

PR 7155023: Limit tolerances values are not being translated to Draft

PR 1987997: Drawing view creation time is slower than ST4 for large test cases

PR 6731742: Can't export to AutoCAD

PR 1976952: Expanded text box if fill color is set to white and multiline text is exported

PR 1990341: Company LOGO will be drawn incorrect


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 6384133: Feature Identification on SE model gives all double THREADED_SIMPLE_HOLE

PR 1985786: Need to identify existing sheet metal files that have incorrect flat features

PR 1989296: Flat pattern with chamfers is broken

PR 2242171: Improper positioning of Custom fitting using fastener system for thru hole

PR 7114815: Part fits real small

PR 7124313: Problem creating a draft bend centerlines do not display

PR 7143479: Problem flattening a part with an arc

PR 7146696: No shading on construction surfaces difficult to see edges when rotating

PR 7160250: Sheet metal file aborts after flattening

PR 1983372: Hole feature comes into wrong position, when modifying length of a flange

PR 1986570: Impossible to update a Part with FOP Part Copies permanently

PR 7156062: Setting to use Custom formula PZL is not retained

PR 7162813: Getting a crash on a specific workflow

PR 7165114: Import faceted JT in Sync Mode: - File is not opened automatically in ordered

PR 7164362: Profile region performance issue when many coincident faces exist

PR 7164811: Different results when doing transform to when part is a sheet metal part




===Insight Connect===

PR 7162482: Fixed a problem with DocControl users can't "Set action to update" on released assembly files


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 1932816: Close file does not release memory until SE is closed

PR 1970143: Assembly overwritten by an older version

PR 6980230: Cannot save a draft file

PR 7139734: Need to clear IE cache to see expected results for Reports

PR 7153340: Having many cases of being unable to Save and or Check in files

PR 7158955: Sheet Metal: Save As and Revise action closes SESP, process runs in background

PR 7161347: .CFG files are not saved when its .asm file has a released status


===Solid Edge Embedded Client===

PR 1966552: Cannot create new Items from Solid edge when forms are hidden

PR 1975448: Save As not assigning Item ID naming rules correctly

PR 2239328: Localized TC attribute mappings cause failure to create new items

PR 2241546: Unable to create Item after upgrading TC 8.3 to 10.1

PR 2808316: Search does not works when Windows date format is set to Portuguese

PR 6904077: AddToTeamcenter application says file is imported to TC but file does not find in TC

PR 6925278: SESE not displaying mapped attributes for columns that are hidden when file open

PR 6997517: SESE crashes when creating new item with Meta Model properties

PR 7118828: Property mapped across a relationship that does not exist, is returning the user

PR 7139178: Save As does not always honor revision naming rule

PR 7159895: After IPA Part file becomes read-only

PR 7161913: Suggestive LOV value not synchronized on Upload CPD

PR 7162528: Linked files from IPC of Assembly is not always copied to SEEC Cache

PR 7162750: SEEC hangs after hitting Help button on download file dialog

PR 7164152: Teamcenter Item Type is not populated in SE files migrated from TcE

PR 7164453: A managed NX Part CV JT is not opened in SEEC using Part template

PR 7164459: New version available status shown for driven reference ASM

PR 7123779: SESE has the NR pattern field disabled doing a revise of a part

PR 7164227: Document Name Formula cannot be set in SE Draft (works in SE Assembly)

PR 7164247: Drawing View Tracker behaves differently in managed vs. unmanaged mode

PR 7164336: Rename in SE Assembly Pathfinder removes Document Formula Name - can't reset

PR 7164973: Project ID Assignment on CPD must be cleared for both the model and the draft.

PR 7167445: No naming rule in CPD when doing a save as with migrated data


Fred White
Siemens PLM Software