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Solid Edge ST6 link manager with share point


Is anyone else having issues with link manager? I've had nothing but problems since installing ST6. I’m using a share point server and seem to have error after error. I’ve got a lot of broken links due to the limitations of bringing in large data sets into share point using limited functionality of the share point import functions.

My hope was that I could use open/save with link manager to resolve the links but open/save always crashes after about 1 hour and in insight there is no way of starting from where you left off or selecting a particular folder so you just have to start again at the beginning and hope it gets a bit further next time.

Are there many people happy using share point and insight?

Anyone have some tips on how to get link manager working?

Is anyone else finding ST6 buggy?


Re: Solid Edge ST6 link manager with share point

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

We have been using Insight for a number of years and it is working excellent with ST6.  I'm guessing you don't have things set up correctly.


  • All links should be fixed before migrating data into Insight.
  • All client users must be pointing to a SEARCHSCOPE.TXT file with entries for each document library you are using for Insight.  It must also include the information for the Search Server and Search Scopes.
  • File should be opened using only Solid Edge Search, Network Locations using the Http: path, and from the Sharepoint Web page document library view using the shortcut menu item Edit in Solid Edge
  • Sharepoint Server Search or Search Server Express must be setup with a correct scope covering where the Solid Edge files are stored.


Production: ST10 MP7
Testing: SE 2019