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Solid Edge ST6 messed up web browser font.



I have a problem with Solid Edge ST6. I now installed it twice and both times now it has messed up fonts on web browsers. Both on Chrome and IE it looks kinda narrower than before. Some pages are fine, but yeah like Facebook and Yahoo anwsers are the ones that right now are affected. Google, Twitter, Youtube looks just fine. And also weirdly the first time this problem occured, the default apps that are on Windows 8 went missing and I could not find them. They were installed on my computer (windows store showed that they were installed) but I did not find them anywhere. Right now, the second time, I haven´t seen this problem, but I´m pretty sure it will come aswell. 

Is there an update I can do to the program or what is the problem?

If needed my laptop is a HP Probook 470 G0 running Windows 8 Pro and the Solid Edge is a educational edition.

If someone could help, I would be grateful


PS (I will try to but up a screenshot if facebook)


Re: Solid Edge ST6 messed up web browser font.

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I think you will find this is not caused by Solid Edge but is simply a coincidence.


For more on "messed up fonts" with facebook, along with a fix, check out this link:




Re: Solid Edge ST6 messed up web browser font.


I think this is due to the addition of "Helvetica" to the fonts library when Solid Edge is installed.


I'm still experimenting to determine the best way to deal with it, there must be some way to tell Solid Edge to use a Font, but not have it in the general Fonts library.  One somewhat cludgy way may be to move the font in/out of the Fonts folder when using Solid Edge. But I'm hoping for a better method.


(With many webpages, the writer of the page used the common CSS description "Helvetica, Arial, san-serif".   To a browser, this means look for the fonts in that order.  On a "default" Windows machine, Helvetica won't be present, so Arial is selected.  But, after adding Solid Edge, Helvetica is now present, so is used by the browser).