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Solid Edge ST6 problem


I've downloaded the Student Version of Solid Edge ST6. It opens normally, but when I try to open the ISO Part, ISO  Sheet Metal, ISO Assembly, etc.. the Solid Edge shows me the message below and closes.


"An error has occurred and Solid Edge must close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If the problem is reproducible or happens frequently please open an IR using your customary process. Saving the files to disk may result in a corruption of the data.

A log file has been prepared that will aide in the analysis of the problem. If submitted, this log file will be imported into an analysis tool used for identifying trends and detecting areas of code requiring further investigation.

No personal information will be included in this file and you will not receive a response."


I have windows 10 and did not had anny problem to download the program. 


Re: Solid Edge ST6 problem

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ST6 is not supported on Windows 10. 

Use ST7 with MP4 or newer.