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Solid Edge ST7 - Maintenance Pack 4 Announcement

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

February 2, 2015



Dear Solid Edge Customer:


Solid Edge ST7 Maintenance Pack 4 for Solid Edge is available for download.



The Solid Edge Team




Release Notes:



Maintenance Packs are released for CRITICAL items only. Maintenance Packs are available up to a maximum

of 15 months following the release date of the English version. The release date for Solid Edge ST7 English was

08/08/14, making the Maintenance Pack cutoff date 11/08/15.



Download Location:



ST7 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:






There were Solid Edge Embedded Client policy file updates in MP2. It’s vitally important that you install SEEC

Administrator, which delivers the policy files to TC_DATA.


Maintenance Pack Executables (.exe files) patch existing product dlls. Maintenance Pack executables

are all inclusive and can be installed on top of a base release or any released Maintenance Pack.


Maintenance Pack Installs (.zip files) are complete product setups. Therefore, existing versions must be

uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel prior to installing the new setup.



E-mail Notification:



To receive direct e-mail notification for new Solid Edge Update or Maintenance Packs, subscribe

to the SFBmail notification.


To initiate your subscription, navigate to: for the web interface.



This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:




PR 1951343 : Added a new API GetDrivenDrivingOnfo in assembly



PR 8253988: Open files very slow with ST7, template path issue

PR 1128586:  Alternate assembly problem when closing without modification

PR 7230690: Create part in SE saved and closed now won’t open in SE

PR 7246486: 3D PDF unit of measurement is wrong.

PR 7260750: SE aborts when changing from smart to fast pattern feature

PR 7254228: Crash when dragging explode events on the animation timeline

PR 7213922: Display configurations list is not updated correctly after applying sub assembly configuration

PR 7257339: Length field is too short to display all in Japanese ST7 with Surface Pro 2



PR 1128619: Page Size wrong exported

PR 1992054: Translating out drawing views with assembly features hidden not correct

PR 7208815: Coordinate dimensions jump to top after other dimensions are moved or deleted

PR 7246811: Cannot change the perspective view for custom orientation

PR 7247746: Parts List doesn't go out-of-date when using Property Manager

PR 7250734: PR 7250734 - Trouble exporting to DWG. File is empty.

PR 8252346: "Save As PDF" will show black sheets.

PR 8253448: Save As Flat does not work properly if a specific seacad.ini was saved before

PR 1937906: Text within a block with orientation Center Left exported with wrong position

PR 1989981: SE ignores the defined Font Mapping on export of Textboxes as MTEXT

PR 7223230: Some text not searchable when saved out to PDF

PR 7262812: flat body could not be hidden in flat view


===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

PR 7244504: Trim surface features are losing regions to remove on re-compute

PR 7246559: ST7 on win10 crashes if you try to open anything except draft

PR 7246808 : Not able to paste variable by selecting a dimension when editing formula

PR 7248214 : Problem converting the holes.txt

PR 7250287: Getting extraneous dimension on new coincident plane

PR 7231139: Unable to retrieve hole callout information

PR 7268425: In FOP Edgebar pane, disabled features cannot be re-activated (except w/ table)

PR 7261745: Importing a SW material-file to SE-material. mtl does not work

Note: Download updated Data Migration tool from:



PR 8253671: Problem with revision manager API to get the structure from assembly copy

PR 8257363: Remove Insight Full Text Index doesn't update all necessary SQL Functions

PR 1978071: "Prevent Duplicate Name" check much slower than search for the file name

PR 7206685: "This document is checked out to you..." message after upgrading from ST6 to ST7

PR 7263862: Can't insert cursor in Revision Manager


===Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client===

PR 7179501: SESP: Performance issues with Drag-n-Drop from Parts Library

PR 1998903: Memory of the server keeps filling up

PR 7195427: Opening file with custom status of 31-Locked displays incorrectly in Read Only

PR 7221012: Zip is not listed in CB if the target location is another part revision

PR 7266288: Open Part - RMB menu contain 2 instance of 'Revisions' command

PR 7250594: SESP Status is not changing on Drawings 

PR 8256357: Impossible to save after update to ST7 MP3 - Not checked out to you


===Solid Edge Embedded Client===

PR 7204751: Different list of Projects displayed in Rich Client vs. SEEC CPD

PR 1991413: SolidEdgeTranslationServices.exe cannot run multithreaded

PR 6952022: Can't get automation for Structure Editor to work

PR 7249896: Reverse property sync occurred for physical properties if file open from MRU

PR 8252712: ATT crashes when uploading assembly to Teamcenter

PR 7240860: SEEC is downloading templates that are currently up-to-date in the cache

PR 8250584: Localized ATTI unable to successfully validate and upload files

PR 8254839: Localized ATTI unable to display property columns for certain dataset types

PR 7219661: SEEC: Density for selected Material on SEEC CPD does not match SE Material.mtl

PR 7250239: SEEC - Mandatory attribute not being set during Solid Edge Draft save

PR 7251662: Bad performance in new SEEC implementation

PR 8252576: Save As is suggesting wrong Item type


Fred White
Siemens PLM Software